Annie and Dolly were featured in the TASTE BC Liquor Stores magazine. Where People Feast, An Indigenous People's Cookbook Gourmand Award winner for Best Local Cuisine Book (Canada).

Wild Berry Bannock Bread Pudding

Wild Berry Bannock Bread Pudding, page 139. Annie prepared this recipe for CTV’s First Story. Dolly used bannock in a traditional bread pudding recipe instead of white bread and found that it had more flavor. Serve the Wild Berry Bannock Bread Pudding warm, with vanilla ice cream and Carmel Pecan Sauce, page 147.

Venison Meatballs

Venison Meatballs, page 18. This recipe is an adaption of Swedish meatballs and a favorite dish of the Gitk’san people. It is served coated with Sweet & Tangy Sauce, page 124.

Bounty of the Sea

Bounty of the Sea, page 54. This bolognaise indigenous to the coastal peoples is a great way to try many seafood items at once. Use fresh ingredients wherever possible. When preparing live mussels and clams, discard any that are opened. After cooking, discard any that remain closed. Our cookbook received a lot of media attention, including an excerpt published in SOAR, the in-flight magazine of Pacific Coastal Airlines, who prints 15.5 million magazines a year. The Basil & Garlic Tomato Sauce, page 122.

Indian Tacos

Indian Tacos, page 25, is Dolly's version of chili and bannock that is served at most large gatherings of Native Americans.

Crab & Feta Melt

This Crab and Feta Melt is an elegant grilled sandwich great for any occasion. Annie prepared Crab & Feta Melt for Global Saturday Chef hosted by Caren McSherry. This recipe is found in the Where People Feast, An Indigenous People's Cookbook, page 47.


Clearly Salmon Soup (Hagul Jam)

Clearly Salmon Soup, page 92. “Hagul jam” means “slow boil” in the Gitk’san language. Traditionally, as long ago as the pre-contact era, the Gitk’san would prepare this by pouring cold water into a cedar box or tightly woven basket, placing a heated rock inside and then the salmon.

Smoked Salmon Mousse

Smoked Salmon Mousse, page 58. This mousse is great to serve at any event or dinner party, with plenty of Just Like Grandma’s Bannock, page 130. Candied salmon is a delicious treat of smoked salmon sweetened with a brown sugar and select spices. This recipe was featured in the Taste of BC magazine published by BC Liquor Stores.